General Announcements
- Mar 2018 -
Course Add/Drop for Postgraduate Students 2017-18, Term 3 (Batch 3)

To: Students of MSc Finance


Course Add/Drop for Postgraduate Students 2017-18, Term 3 (Batch 3)


The course add/drop period for 2017-18, Term 3 will start from 10:00am on 12 March 2018 and end at 5:30pm on 26 March 2018.


Students of these programmes may login the MyCUHK Portal at to select courses in CUSIS (Chinese University Student Information System). To check your tentative list of course enrolled, please go to ‘CUSIS and My Study’ > ‘Enroll’ > ‘My Class Schedule’.


Before Add/Drop Period, students are highly recommended to go through the Online Guide on Course Selection for PG Students to get familiar with commonly used terms and course selection in CUSIS.


Students who wish to add/drop courses outside the prescribed study scheme should complete Form CS-1. Completed Form CS-1 together with approval from the teachers/divisions concerned must reach the Graduate School by 26 March 2018.


Students of other postgraduate programmes may check the add/drop schedule of their programmes at ‘View my enrollment dates’ in CUSIS.


Please note that Programmes may amend students’ course enrolment after add/drop period. Students should check their Final Course Register for Term 3 after 5:30pm on 11 April 2018.

Graduate School