General Announcements
- Jan 2022 -
Course Add/Drop for Postgraduate Students 2021-22, Term 2 (Batch 3)

To: All Postgraduate Students (Except Graduate Division of Law and Taught Postgraduate Programmes offered by Graduate Division of Business Administration)


From: Graduate School Office


The course add/drop exercise for 2021-22, Term 2 will start from 10:00 am on 10 January 2022 and end at 5:30 pm on 24 January 2022. If you wish to amend your choice of courses for the said term, please login to the MyCUHK Portal at during the above specified period. 


You may wish to check your tentative course enrollment information in anticipation of the add/drop exercise. The relevant guide “Course Selection in CUSIS” is available at


Request to add/drop courses that are outside your Graduate Division/Programme prescribed study scheme should be submitted via Form CS-1. Completed forms on the approval of the teachers/Graduate Divisions must reach the Graduate School by 24 January 2022 at the latest.


Please note that Programmes may amend students’ course enrolment after add/drop period having regard to the condition of the students. Please therefore do check your Final Course Register for Term 2 for the eventual course selection records which will be posted at 5:30pm on 11 February 2022.


Assessment type of courses in 2021-22 are now available in CUSIS. The default delivery mode of teaching and learning will be in person and on campus for all classes offered in Term 2 2021–22. There will not be any special teaching arrangements for students who cannot return to campus or for those who do not comply with the University’s requirement for submitting the vaccination report/regular test results. Periodic checking will be done and the submission of test reports on time is mandatory for attending face-to-face classes, otherwise their course enrolment records will also be removed during the academic term.


Students should strictly observe the University’s guidelines on COVID-19 prevention measures when attending face-to-face meetings, classes, or examinations.