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- Aug 2019 -
Guidelines for Non-Local Students Regarding Current Social Unrest in Hong Kong

To:All Newly Admitted Non-local Postgraduate Students


Please find the following information from the Office of Student Affairs for your attention. Thank you.



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Guidelines for Non-Local Students Regarding

Current Social Unrest in Hong Kong



A very warm welcome to The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)!  With more than a quarter of its students being non-local and many from overseas, CUHK is a culturally diverse campus.  CUHK is committed to embracing differences and developing mutual understanding and respect.  The University has established policies to protect the rights of all students, including their right of expression, and welcomes rational and peaceful discussions or debates on diverse topics.


In the past two months, Hong Kong has experienced social unrest and turbulence.  We have provided below specific advice for you to better prepare yourselves for your new life in Hong Kong and at CUHK.


Stay Alert

You should acquaint yourselves with the general background of the disputes in society, from different sources and media, and critically examine the arguments on all sides.  Always stay rational and critical when processing the information you come across.


On our CUHK campus and in the public areas of Hong Kong, refrain from removing, destroying, or obscuring the contents of posted papers or posters.  All students have the right to express their views in the designated areas on campus. If the posted content contravenes any ordinance or the principle of mutual respect or infringes on the privacy of others, a complaint may be lodged with the relevant offices (such as the Office of Student Affairs or the Colleges), and the University will handle the complaint according to established procedures.


The University senior management maintains regular and close contact with the student leaders of various groups, including local and non-local, undergraduate and postgraduate students.  If necessary, the University is ready and prepared to arrange dialogues between different groups of students so that they can exchange and learn from different views on any issue of concern or particular incident.  Stay connected with the University for any updates by checking your campus email regularly.


Under all circumstances, remember to take note of the following:

  • Avoid going to or staying in any high risk area
  • Be vigilant on what goes on around you and stay highly alert at all times
  • Stay calm should any disturbance or change of circumstances arise
  • Leave the place at once should there be escalation of the level of disturbance


Students who plan to participate in any activity organized by any party or group should always consider their own safety first, and also comply with the laws and regulations of Hong Kong. 


Supportive Measures Provided by CUHK

In response to the recent events of social unrest, the University has stepped up its support to students.


Emotional wellness support services have been enhanced to address the needs of students affected by changes in their environment or specific incidents.  Same-day counselling services for emergency cases will be provided by the Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) of the Office of Student Affairs. Students can also use the 24-hour Emotional Support Hotline (852)5400 2055 if needed.


The CUHK Security Office has also enhanced its service, including Control Room service and patrolling of campus public areas.  For emergency, students can contact the CUHK Security Office for assistance.


Please note that the University is committed to provide shelter for all students who seek support and assistance regardless of the circumstances.  If you need help, please contact the following units for assistance:


For counselling and emotional support

Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC), Office of Student Affairs

Tel: (852) 3943 7208/ (852) 3943 3493


Address: 2/F, Pommerenke Student Centre, CUHK


24-hour Emotional Support Hotline

Tel: (852) 5400 2055


For medical services

University Health Service

Tel: (852) 3943 6439 


For security and emergency on campus

CUHK Security Office

Tel: (852) 3943 7999 (24-hour)


For general enquiries and assistance

Office of Student Affairs (Mondays to Fridays, 08:45 – 17:30)

Tel: (852) 39431533/ (852) 3943 7945


Address: 1/F, Benjamin Franklin Centre, CUHK


Office of Student Affairs (Mondays to Fridays, 17:30 – 00:00)

Tel: (852) 5168 3478


CUHK Security Office Control Room (out of the above hours)

Tel: (852) 3943 7999


For emergency outside campus

Hong Kong Police Force

Tel: 999


Fire Services Communication Centre (Emergency

Ambulance Service)

Tel: (852) 2735 3355


Note: Undergraduate students may also seek advice and assistance from their Colleges.




August 2019

Office of Student Affairs