General Announcements
- Jul 2019 -
Internet Course Selection for Postgraduate Students (2019-20)

To: All Postgraduate Students

1. Course Registration Period
  The course registration period will begin from 10:00am on 6 August 2019 (Tuesday) and end at 5:30pm on 9 August 2019 (Friday). If your programme requires you to perform course registration via the internet, please login the MyCUHK Portal at to select courses in CUSIS (Chinese University Student Information System).
  Before Course Registration Period, students are highly recommended to go through the section “Course Selection in CUSIS” to get familiar with steps and commonly used terms for course selection in CUSIS.
2. Enrolment Validation Period
  Students who are required to select courses during course registration may validate their course selection during enrolment validation period from 23 July 2019 10:00am to 26 July 2019 5:30pm. Students are encouraged to make use of the enrolment validation period to get familiar with course selection in CUSIS.
3. Course selection/pre-assigned courses
  To make sure whether or not your programme requires you to perform course selection via the internet, please check your enrolment appointments at ‘CUSIS and My Study’ > ‘Enroll’ > ‘Term Information’ > ‘View my enrollment dates’ after login to MyCUHK Portal. Please refer to the section “Course Selection in CUSIS” on GSO website for details.
  a. Some programmes may have already pre-assigned some courses and require students to select electives. Students are therefore required to perform course selection via the internet.
b. Some programmes may have pre-assigned ALL courses for their students and do not require their students to perform any course selection via the internet. However, they may still check their course registers in CUSIS
4. Course add/drop schedules

Different programmes have different course add/drop periods. Please check your enrolment appointments at ‘View my enrollment dates’ in CUSIS for details.

5. Selection of course outside prescribed study scheme and drop pre-assigned courses
  If you wish to register course(s) outside your prescribed study scheme i.e., not appearing on the course list under ‘My Requirement’, please complete Form CS-1 and obtain approval from the parties concerned. The form must be returned to the Graduate School by the end of the course selection period (or add/drop period, as appropriate).
6. Reference materials
  Please read your study scheme in the Postgraduate Student Handbook and the Teaching Timetable available on homepage of the Graduate School. If you find it necessary to seek advice, please contact your Supervisor/Division.
7. Newly-admitted students
  For new students who have settled payment of tuition fee and completed online registration, you may use the "Online Registration Login ID" and "Online Registration Password" to login MyCUHK Portal to perform course selection during the Course Registration Period.

Newly-admitted students who are provisionally registered (i.e., with outstanding admission conditions) can only perform course selection but NOT add/drop via CUSIS unless they have fulfilled the condition(s) prescribed in the admission notification.


For new students who arrive or confirm registration after the add/drop period, they should complete and return Form CS-2 to the Graduate School. The form is available upon request.

8. Course register
  You may always check your course register during and after the course selection period in CUSIS and your course register will be tentative until Division’s approval has been obtained (after the add/drop period). Please note that Divisions/Programmes may amend students’ course enrolment after course registration and/or add/drop period. Please check your course register before attending classes.



-    Technical problems (e.g., login ID, password, use of MyCUHK): ITSC Service Desk ( Hotline: 3943-8845


-    Course selection or add/drop procedures: Graduate School ( Hotline: 3943-8976


-    Study Scheme and programme requirements: Supervisor/Division


Graduate School

Last updated: 22 July 2019