General Announcements
- Mar 2022 -
Teaching and Examination Arrangements for Summer Session, 2021-22

As decided by the University, the default mode of teaching and examinations for courses offered in Summer Session, 2021-22 will be online. Details are as follows:


  1. With the exception of a few lab-based and practical classes, all classes will be conducted online for the Summer Session 2021-22.

  2. Students who feel their study will be adversely impacted may drop the courses according to the prevailing procedures. They may contact their Graduate Division or Programme for academic advice.

  3. Certain professional disciplines may be allowed to conduct face-to-face (F2F) classes/examinations, subject to the University’s approval. Students concerned will be notified of the teaching/examination arrangements separately through their Divisions/Programmes.

  4. Students who need to attend F2F classes/examinations/tests/assessments on campus should be especially vigilant to the risk of infection and must follow all precautionary measures and conditions as announced by the University, Graduate Division or Faculty.


Students may contact the Graduate School Office or the Graduate Division if they have any further questions on the arrangements. 



Graduate School Office

30 March 2022