General Announcements
- Jul 2024 -
Arrangement for Collection of Computing Accounts Information

To: All Newly Admitted Postgraduate Students 2024-25


If you have completed the online registration and fulfilled all admission conditions, ITSC will send a 6-digit verification code (v-code) to you by e-mail and/or SMS (for Hong Kong mobile only) starting from 8 July 2024 and 10 July 2024* for Research Postgraduate students and Taught Postgraduate students respectively. The v-code will enable you to retrieve the Computing Accounts Information (i.e. CAI, including OnePass password) at


After collecting your CAI, you must first enroll to DUO 2FA before you can change your passwords, access to Library systems or other services via the student portal “MyCUHK” during your study. Please refer to the user guide at


V-code will not be sent to you if you have outstanding admission condition(s). However, you can still use the Online Registration Account, which can be found on the Admission Notification, to access MyCUHK for the course registration temporarily if you have already settled payment and completed the online registration.


If you are currently studying for another programme at CUHK and the Computing Accounts Information has not yet expired, you may continue using the existing password. You will therefore not receive a v-code from ITSC.


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