Study Plan and Progress Report

Study Plan and Progress Report for Research Postgraduate Students  


In order to improve supervision, ensure timely progress and encourage broader training, the Graduate School requires that each research postgraduate student, together with his/her Supervisor (thesis supervisor if already assigned, divisional adviser otherwise), to complete a Study Plan and Progress Report annually. Supervisor must ensure that the student fulfills the requirements of all coursework, candidacy examination/qualifying examination, and any language (if applicable) for graduation.


The Graduate School, at the same time, recognizes that circumstances and needs may differ among Divisions and even students. Therefore, the specific requirements are left to the discretion of the Supervisor and the Head of Graduate Division.


Student and Supervisor should meet to discuss the Study Plan prior to completing the Study Plan for submission.


The workflow for making a submission of Study Plan is as follows:




Workflow for Submission of Study Plan


Student to submit Study Plan


Supervisor to review/update Study Plan


Student to review and confirm Study Plan

Supervisor to confirm Study Plan and submit to Head of Graduate Division

Division User to print Study Plan Report (optional)

Head of Graduate Division to endorse Study Plan in System



Please view the User Guide (For Students) for guidelines on making a submission of Study Plan and Progress Report on the online system.