Graduation assessment will be conducted when students are about to reach the expected graduation date. The process is as follows:




Students Graduating in 2022-23 and 2023-24

Students Graduating in 2024-25 and onwards





FAQ (Graduation)


1. Is it required for graduating students to apply for graduation?
No, students do not have to apply for graduation. When students are about to reach the expected graduation date and after the grade for all courses taken have been released, the Graduate School will conduct graduation assessment for the students. If the student fulfils all graduation requirements of the programme (including course work, etc.), he/she will be recommended for graduation. If a student wishes to be considered for graduation before the normative study end date, he/she should apply for shortening of normative study period. The application form can be downloaded at GS Platform (Students).


2. After completion of study, is it necessary to apply for certifying letter and/or transcript?
A complimentary set of certifying letter and full transcript (student copy) will be sent to student after the Senate’s recommendation for graduation is obtained as endorsed by the Graduate Council. The certifying letter states the date that the Senate of the University has approved to award the student the degree/diploma/certificate and the date that the graduate certificate will be issued In. Students may obtain additional copies of transcript and certifying letters by sending an application online via the e-system "Request Official Documents".


3. How long does it take to receive the complimentary set of certifying letter and full transcript?
Normally, the complimentary set of certifying letter and full transcript will be sent to students about 2 months after students’ fulfilment of all graduation requirements (i.e. after release of grades for all courses taken and/or submission of final thesis).


4. How will the complimentary set of certifying letter and transcript be sent?
Normally, the complimentary set of certifying letter and transcript will be sent to students by Registered Mail of Hongkong Post. To ensure proper delivery, please check and update the contact information in MyCUHK portal. Mail address in Mainland China/Taiwan must be input in Chinese with the recipient’s phone number also stated in the address field to facilitate delivery.


5. The Immigration Department requires a certifying letter from CUHK as supporting documents for application of IANG (Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates) entry permit. Is it possible to obtain a certifying letter before receiving the complimentary copy?
Students may apply for a certifying letter to apply for IANG after the recommendation for graduation is endorsed by the Graduate Division (i.e. after Step 4). Students may wish to check with Graduate Division on the progress of graduation assessment before applying for the certifying letter.


6. What will happen if I am unable to fulfil all graduation requirements by the expected graduation date?
Students who are unable to graduate will be informed of the result of graduation assessment accordingly. Students who are required to continue with their studies will be asked to renew their student ID card.


7. When will the graduate certificate be issued? How will it be sent to me?

The graduate certificates will be issued approximately one month after the degree conferment date. Students may refer to part B of this webpage on arrangement for collection of graduate certificates.


8. I graduated in previous year but I was unable to collect the graduate certificate myself.  How can I collect the graduate certificate?

You can collect your graduate certificate in person during our office hours.  If you are unable to collect it by yourself and would like to collect it by a representative, please ask your representative to come during our office hours by presenting the following documents:
(1) A printout of the completed “Authorization Form for Collection of Graduate Certificate”;
(2) A photocopy of the graduate’s HKID/passport; and
(3) The original copy of the HKID card/passport of the authorized person for verification purposes. The authorized person’s identification details should match with that on the “Authorization Form for Collection of Graduate Certificate”.
The authorized person will be required to sign and acknowledge receipt of the graduate certificate on behalf of the graduate.


9. How to get my Alumni ID so that I can gain access to MyCUHK?

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Tutorial video on MyCUHK functions


Tutorial video on logging in to MyCUHK