Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Science
DSc 1.0 Conditions for Award of Degree
The degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) may be awarded for an original and distinguished contribution which adds substantially to knowledge or understanding of any branch of science.  A candidate shall produce evidence from published work that he has made such a contribution.
DSc 2.0 Conditions for Admission to Candidature
A candidate for the degree shall be either:
a graduate of this university of at least seven years' standing; or
as provided in paragraph 10 of Statute 26 of the University Ordinance, a graduate of another approved university of at least seven years' standing who has been a full-time member of the academic staff of this university for at least three years.
DSc 3.0 Application for Admission to Candidature
Having satisfied the conditions as laid down in Regulation 2, a potential candidate shall apply to the Graduate School for admission to candidature.  Such application may be made at any time during the academic year.
An applicant shall be required to pay an application fee as prescribed by the University and to present:
a statement of his degrees and of other qualifications and research experience, so to establish his eligibility under Regulation 2;
three copies of the published papers and/or books which he proposes to present for the degree;
a written statement on how far the work embodies the result of his own research and, if necessary, to what extent he has availed himself of the work of others in case of joint authorship or work done in collaboration with others.
Works for which a degree or other equivalent academic qualifications has/have been awarded, or works which are under consideration by another institution for the award of a degree or equivalent academic qualification shall not be accepted under 3.2(b).  They may, however, be submitted as supporting documents if necessary, to illustrate the development of the candidate's career in research.  In such a case, precise indications of their previous use must be given.
Upon the applicant's completion of the above procedures, the Dean of the Graduate School, in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty concerned, shall nominate two to three members from within and/or outside the University for appointment by the vice-chancellor to form a perusal committee to advise whether admission to candidature shall be granted.
If all the members of the perusal committee are against admission, the applicant shall be so informed by the Graduate School and be advised that he may seek admission again after a minimum period of two years from the date of submission of application.
If at least one member of the perusal committee recommends admission of the applicant, candidature shall be granted.  In such case where the opinion of the perusal committee is not unanimous, the applicant shall be so informed and be given a chance to withdraw his application.
DSc 4.0 Registration
An applicant who has been recommended for admission to candidature shall be permitted to register forthwith.   Registration shall include the payment of an examination fee as prescribed by the University.
DSc 5.0 Presentation of Publications for Examination
Within six months after registration, a candidate shall submit four copies of the published work that he proposes to present for the degree in a form approved by the Graduate Council.
DSc 6.0 Conduct of Examination
The work submitted by the candidate shall be examined by a board of examiners whose membership shall have been nominated by the Dean of the Graduate School in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty and the Graduate Division Head/s concerned for endorsement by the Graduate Council, and approval by the Senate.
The board of examiners shall comprise three scholars of repute in the field.  At least two shall be external examiners, persons who are not members of the University.
Having read the publications, the examiners shall report individually to the Dean of the Graduate School on the merit of the work as a contribution to learning, and recommend as follows:
submitted work justifies award of the degree; or
submitted work would justify award of the degree after a written amplification on certain specified aspects of the work has been submitted to the satisfaction of the examiners; or
submitted work does not justify award of the degree.
DSc 7.0 Results of Examination
If the examiners are unanimously in support of the award of the degree, the Graduate Council shall recommend to the Senate that the degree of Doctor of Science be conferred.  The candidate shall be informed by the Graduate School after approval for the award of the degree has been granted by the Senate.
If at least one of the examiners is against the award of the degree, the candidate shall be considered unsuccessful.  The Graduate School shall report accordingly to the Graduate Council and shall then inform the candidate.
DSc 8.0 Second Attempt
A candidate whose work has not been considered by the board of examiners as worthy of the degree may apply for admission to candidature again after a minimum of three years following the date on which he was notified of the result by the Graduate School.  If he should fail in the second attempt, he may not offer himself again for the degree.
DSc 9.0 Deposition of Publications
Two copies of the work presented under Regulation 5.1 by a candidate who is awarded the degree shall be deposited at the University Library for circulation and archival purposes.  One copy of the work shall be retained by each Graduate Division concerned.