Online Documents Verification (for Non-local Students)

All non-local postgraduate students are required to upload relevant documents for verification to complete programme registration.

Since classes will be conducted online until such time as the pandemic stabilizes. Non-local students are only required to send copies of entry permits, landing slips, and HKID Card (for full-time non-local students only) to the Graduate School when face-to-face teaching is resumed and after arriving in Hong Kong.

All non-local students should observe the latest news and comply with the quarantine measures of the HKSAR Government. In order not to delay your studies, students are expected to undergo and complete the compulsory quarantine when face-to-face teaching is resumed.

Online Documents Verification Procedure
Before Coming to HK
Step 1:

Send documents to fulfil admission condition(s), if any

  • You have to send the required documents (except visa label) to the Graduate School for verification by the stipulated deadline.
  • For details, please refer to Step 4 under “How to Register?”
After Arriving in HK
Step 2:

Submit your entry permit and landing slip

  1. Subject: Entry Permit and Landing Slip
  2. Email content: 
    • Name:
    • Application number:
    • Study Programme
    • Scanned copies of your entry permit and landing slip
Step 3:

Apply for Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Card (for full-time students)

After Completing Online Documents Verification
Step 4:

Collect CU Link (Student ID Card)

  • Collect the CU Link when you have fulfilled all admission conditions (steps 1-2 above) and completed online registration. (Learn more)
  • Some programmes will collect the CU Link for their students. Please contact the Programme Office for enquiries. (Learn more)
Step 5:

Update Information at MyCUHK

  • Update mailing address and contacts at MyCUHK
Step 6:

Submit Postgraduate Studentship Payment Instruction Form (For PGS holder only)

Step 7:

Submit Copy of HKID Card and CU Link

  1. Subject: CU Link and HKID Card
  2. Email content:
    • Scanned copies of your CU Link and HKID Card
Other Relevant Information
List of documents for Online Documents Verification
List of documents for Online Documents Verification

Please send the following documents to the Graduate School (email: after you have arrived in Hong Kong to complete the registration.


 Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to
and from Hong Kong and Macaua

 Passporta  Visit Permit for Residents of Macao to HKSARa  Landing Slipb HKID Card/ Acknowledgement of Application for HKID Cardc
 Mainland Students  V      V  V
 Macao Students      V  V  V
 Other Overseas Students    V    V  V
  1. Identity document or travel document (e.g. Entry Permit, Passport)  The document should be identical to the document stated in your application for verification purpose. The name stated therein must also be identical with that on the academic credentials. Any changes must be notarized (Sample);
  2. “Landing slip” (Sample) issued by the Immigration Department when entering Hong Kong;
  3. Hong Kong Identity Card/Acknowledgement of Application for a Hong Kong Identity Card (Sample) (if any).