Hong Kong Best PhD Programs & MPhil Programs

Overview of Hong Kong Best PhD Programs in CUHK
  • Hong Kong Best PhD Programs: PhD and MPhil programs offered by The Chinese University of Hong Kong are among the best in Asia and globally leading in terms of research and teaching innovation.
  • As one of the big three universities in Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong offers best PhD programs and attracts both international and Hong Kong best PhD students across different fields, subjects and streams. The Chinese University of Hong Kong was founded in 1963, while its Graduate School was founded in 1966. More than 12,000 students, from Hong Kong and more than 50 different countries, currently enrols in the postgraduate programs, including the best PhD programs.

The 260 postgraduate programmes, including taught programmes, MPhil programmes and PhD programs, in the Chinese University of Hong Kong cover almost all academic subject found in Hong Kong such as arts, business administration, education, engineering, law, medicine, science and social science. The faculty members in the Chinese University of Hong Kong even include winners of international research excellence awards and Nobel Laureates. Therefore, the research and impact of the University are important to both Hong Kong and academic fields across different countries.

Begin the highest academic degree awarded by universities in Hong Kong, PhD programs, or Doctor of Philosophy, is often a requirement for employment as a researcher and professor in the university. Students can earn the title of Doctor after the completion of best PhD programs in Hong Kong. Apart from PhD, some universities, including a small number of British universities such as Oxford University and formerly York and Sussex University are using DPhil for Doctor of Philosophy.