Master of Theology / History / Linguistics, Hong Kong

  • Master of Theology, Master of History & Master of Linguistics offered in Hong Kong by the CUHK Faculty of Arts - GLOBALLY LEADING! Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants.
Master of History and Master of Theology - Hong Kong Campus, CUHK

In Hong Kong, Master of History, i.e. Master of Arts in History, focuses not only in the requisite knowledge and training to conduct independent research in history, but also the continuing education needs of secondary-school teachers in history. Besides, the Chinese University of Hong Kong offers Master of Theology for those who have finished a bachelor degree in Theology / Religious Studies, or have completed both the Master of Arts in Christian Studies and Master of Arts in Theological Studies in the University.

Master of History does not only take Hong Kong history as the study focus, but also raises students’ knowledge towards history of Chinese, Asian Countries and the Western world. CUHK has a vibrant and innovative research postgraduate culture in history, which allows students to have a proven track record of success, in terms of research outputs, grant applications and career progression in the field of history as well as other fields.

Designed as an advanced academic degree in the field of theology with an emphasis on academic research in Hong Kong, Master of Theology is a unique stream under the Master of Arts programme in CUHK. To apply for Master of Theology, students have to submit a letter of purpose of study, present letters of recommendation from an official of their churches and from an undergraduate teacher or a postgraduate teacher in the University, and fulfil the general requirements of the Graduate School, CUHK.