Master of Music in Hong Kong, Asia | Faculty of Arts | CUHK

  • Applicants of the Master of Music Hong Kong programme by The Chinese University of Hong Kong should have majored in Music, or equivalent. They will join a unique cross-cultural study experience in music.
“Music, Industry, & Creativity”, “Style & Interpretation” and “Music & Hong Kong Society” - Master of Music Study Areas

The Master of Music programme in The Chinese University of Hong Kong aims at preparing students to become a professional music performer, conductor or composer, according to the area of specialisation of students. Students are usually required to have a bachelor degree in music, plus a specialty in music which can be instrument performance, composition, or even conducting and music engineering. The Master of Music programme in Hong Kong also covers academic study in areas such as music theory, music history and music pedagogy, etc.

As a mean to upgrade the students’ knowledge in music performance, practical composing and arranging, music management and promotion, music engineering, music interpretation, the Western, Chinese and world music cultures, and pop and film music in Hong Kong, the Master of Music programme in CUHK has been established in 2004, and has been intaking 35 students on average every year. The study can be conducted in either full time mode or part time mode, in which the full-time mode is mainly for students who are from places other than Hong Kong. The programme, with emphasis in an renewed understanding of modern musical cultures, is designed not only for those who are currently working in the field of music, but also for music lovers who are from other professional fields but have a very strong background in music.