Master of Social Science, Hong Kong

  • Master of Social Science programs offered in Hong Kong by The Chinese University of Hong Kong Faculty of Social Science - GLOBALLY LEADING! Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants.
  • Composed of 6 departments plus 2 schools, the Faculty of Social Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong offers Master of Social Science programmes in as much as 9 divisions, including architecture, sociology, social work, psychology, geography, etc and dozens of streams, such as urban design, journalism, sustainable tourism, public policy, etc.
Vast Variety of Master of Social Science programmes in CUHK

Master of Social Science students in CUHK can benefit from the Departments and Schools’ cultural and structural diversity, as well as their multidisciplinary approaches in research and teaching. The social science disciplines are not commonly found in most primary schools and secondary schools in Hong Kong, but they are branches of knowledge taught and researched at the university level.

Among the fields of social science, geography under Master of Social Science can be split into two main fields, which are human geography and physical geography. The former focuses largely on the built environment and how space is created, viewed and managed by humans as well as the influence humans have on the space they occupy, while the latter examines phenomena related to the measurement of planet Earth. Psychology is the field about the study of human behaviour and mental processes, as well as the application of such knowledge to problems of individuals' daily lives and the treatment of psychological illnesses. Sociology is the systematic study of society and human social action. Durkheim, Marx and Weber sociology are the three major sociology models that every sociology students should be familiar with.