Hong Kong Studentships for International Master Students

Chinese University of Hong Kong – Master Studentships for International Students
  • Hong Kong Studentships for International Master Students: The Chinese University of Hong Kong offers scholarships for qualified overseas applicants to join research postgraduate and master's programs.

Many students are concerned about their doctor and master studentships for Hong Kong study. There are a list of Hong Kong studentships for international students who are in need. Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme, or HKPFS, can help international students in CUHK and other universities in Hong Kong release their financial pressure when studying the doctor and master programme in Hong Kong. Doctor and Master studentships for international students include not only the HKPFS, but also the Postgraduate Studentships, or PGS, a number of scholarships, prizes and awards, as well as other kinds of financial support and funding by CUHK and other parties.

Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme was established by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council in 2009. It aims at attracting the most outstanding students from other countries to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong. Once student have outstanding credentials in academic performance, research ability and potential, communication and interpersonal skills and leadership abilities, the Chinese University of Hong Kong may award the corresponding studentships to the applicant.

For those who are seeking for master studentships for international students in Hong Kong, CUHK recommends the Postgraduate Studentships, or PGS, on of the major financial aids for Hong Kong international students to study in the University. If they have an outstanding academic and non-academic performance, on top of the PGS they can also apply for master studentships as stated by the Office of Academic and Financial Assistance, CUHK.