Master of Electronic Engineering & Biomed. Engineering, Hong Kong

  • Master of Electronic Engineering & Master of Biomedical Engineering offered in Hong Kong by the CUHK Faculty of Engineering - GLOBALLY LEADING! Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants.
Master of Engineering / Master of Science in Electronic Engineering in Hong Kong – CUHK helps electronic engineers to face new challenges

Master of Electronic Engineering in Hong Kong is one of the major programme under Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Master of Engineering programme series. To open new doors and to excel at work in the field of Electronic Engineering, a master degree of electronic engineering as a means of continuous professional development is essential.

In the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master of Electronic Engineering programme welcomes all who possess a professional qualification in Electrical Engineering, or related fields such as Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering or Computer Engineering. Physics and mechanical engineering experts will also be considered if they have relevant experience in of Electronic Engineering.

In the field of electronic engineering in Hong Kong, electronic engineers design and test circuits by applying the knowledge of electromagnetic properties of electrical components in the circuit. Electrical components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, etc, are employed in the engineering in order to achieve a particular functionality. Electronic engineering has many subfields as well. Telecommunications engineering in electronic engineering is specialised in the transmission of information across a channel, while signal processing in electronic engineering mainly deals with the manipulation of signals. Besides, there are computer engineering, control engineering and instrumentation engineering as well, comprising the whole electronic engineering family. The Master of Science in Electronic Engineering in CUHK may cover all of above subfields for students.