Master of Physics / Chemistry / Biology, Hong Kong

  • Master of Physics, Chemistry & Biology programs offered in Hong Kong by the CUHK Faculty of Science - GLOBALLY LEADING! Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants.
Master of Physics / Master of Chemistry / Master of Biology – Hong Kong’s excellence in teaching and research

Physics, Chemistry and Biology are considered as the 3 major sciences subjects in secondary schools in Hong Kong. Master of Physics, Master of Chemistry and Master of Biology are especially important in the subjects’ teaching in Hong Kong as a result. They are designed for teachers who are willing to further develop their career in the corresponding subjects and those who are willing to have a thorough understanding towards the subject matters.

In Hong Kong, Master of Biology, Master of Chemistry and Master of Chemistry are popular among all postgraduate master degrees in CUHK, as teaching of sciences subjects is a complex activity that lies at the heart of the vision of science education suggested by scholars. There is something that all teachers of science at all levels should understand and be able to do in classroom teaching, such as what students learn is greatly influenced by how they are taught by their teachers, as teachers are always central to education. On the other hand, actions of teachers are deeply influenced by both their capability towards science and their relationships with students.

In CUHK, the Faculty of Science was founded in 1963, which was composed of the Department of Physics, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biology, as well as the Departments of Mathematics as its four major sciences units.