Hong Kong Top PhD & MPhil Programs

  • Hong Kong Top PhD Programs: PhD and MPhil programs offered by The Chinese University of Hong Kong are among the best in Asia and globally leading in terms of research and teaching innovation.
  • Many students have considered PhD programs in CUHK as Hong Kong top PhD programs, due to the University’s global vision to combine tradition with modernity, as well as its mission to bring together the East and the West. Being one of the largest graduate school in Hong Kong where top PhD programs are held, the Graduate School, Chinese University of Hong Kong has over 260 programmes leading to PhD degree, MPhil degree, taught doctor and masters, postgraduate diplomas and certificates through its 58 Graduate Divisions in the 2018 to 2019 academic year.
Hong Kong Top PhD Programs can all be found in the CUHK

Top PhD programs are also supported by enviable research reputation and intellectual pursuits of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Usually students who apply for the PhD programs are required hold an honours degree with high academic standing or a taught or research Master degree as a prerequisite to enrol in a PhD program.

In the PhD study, students have to submit a project or thesis or dissertation which consists of an original academic research. In the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the dissertation is examined by a panel of expert examiners who are in charge of stipulate whether the dissertation is passable. If there are any issues needed to be addressed before the dissertation can be passed, students must work on them before submitting their dissertation for graduating as a PhD.