Master of Public Administration & Master of Resource Management in Hong Kong, Asia | CUHK

  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong's Master of Public Administration Hong Kong and Master of Resource Management programmes aim at grooming students to become globally professional leaders in their corresponding field.
  • Under the various mater programmes in the Social Sciences Faculty, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, , i.e. MPhil in Geography and Resource Management is one of the popular choices. Master of Public Administration, in Hong Kong also known as MPhil in Government and Public Administration, is another hot research programmes for bachelor degree holders with outstanding academic results in their undergraduate studies.
Master of Resource Management and Master of Hong Kong Public Administration Programmes, Social Sciences, CUHK

Apart from the Master of Resource Management programme, in our Hong Kong campus there are also Master of Social Sciences in Sustainable Tourism and Master of Science programmes offered by the Geography and Resource Management Division. Master of Social Sciences in Public Policy, and Master of Social Sciences in Government and Politics (Greater China and Hong Kong) are besides the Master of Public Administration programme in the Government and Public Administration Division of the Faculty.

Public administration is nowadays connected to the values of improving social security, equality, justice, efficiency of public services, etc. In involves the capability of policy analysis, which mainly focuses on constitutional issues such as administrative law, problems of governance, separation of powers, contracting with government and democracy. Usually students should have a great sense in both local and international affairs. On the other hand, resource management is the study of how to develop all resources within an organisation, including financial resources, human capital and skills, production resources, information technology resources and other inventory, into a mode of best utilisation.