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  • Master of Geography offered by the CUHK Faculty of Social Science in Hong Kong - one of the globally leading social science faculties in Asia. Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants.
  • The choices of Master of Geography programmes in Hong Kong covers a variety of sub fields that reflect the broad range of the geography subject. In CUHK, Master of Science in Geoinformation Science, Master of Social Science in Sustainable Tourism and MPhil in GRM are the three Master of Geography options in our Hong Kong campus, with facilities including not only well-equipped laboratories, but also a unique atmospheric environment monitoring station, all equipment for hydrological and soil studies, a weather station and even a rainfall simulator. Besides the Department there are also three institutes which are closely related to the subject. The are the Institute of Future Cities, the Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability, and last but not least, the Institute of Space and Earth Information Science.
Studying Master of Geography in Hong Kong’s best Geography & Resource Management Division – Programme Choices

Geography is a dual core subject as described by many, as it can be divided into Physical Geography and Human Geography. Physical geography is always about the physical aspects of the planet Earth, including its landscape, seasons, climate, air, soil, etc, while Human geography is about the way those physical aspects are connected to people on the surface of the planet Earth, i.e. the study of distribution networks of people, as well as facilities and cultures on different parts of the Earth. Yet, in the master level study the subject matters are becoming very complex, usually a mix of the two, or a mix with subjects outside geography.