Master of Surgery / Orthopaedics / Gynaecology for Hong Kong Medical Practitioners | CUHK

  • Master of Gynaecology, Master of Orthopaedics, Master of Surgery offered by the CUHK Faculty of Medicine in Hong Kong - one of the globally leading medical faculties in Asia. Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants.
Hong Kong Doctors Programmes - Master of Surgery, Master of Gynaecology & Master of Orthopaedics, CUHK

Master programmes for Surgery, Gynaecology and Orthopaedics specialties can be divided in to research programmes and taught programmes in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Master of Surgery can be in the mode of MPhil in Surgery or the taught Master of Science in Pre Hospital and Emergency Care, while Master of Orthopaedics in Hong Kong can be in the form of MPhil in O&T, the taught Master of Science in Musculoskeletal Medicine, Rehabilitation and Geriatric Orthopaedics or the taught Master of Science in Sports Medicine and Health Science. MPhil in O&G is the only option of Master of Gynaecology for Hong Kong medical practitioners who are willing to have their study in CUHK.

In Hong Kong, Master of Surgery, Gynaecology and Orthopaedics can only be found in two universities, and CUHK is one of them, due to the fact that the Faculty of Medicine at CUHK is an excellent option for both advanced medical study and postgraduate medical research. As Hong Kong is one of the most cosmopolitan and rapidly evolving cities in the world, taking the programmes in CUHK allows students to seize the opportunities for important medical discoveries, practical healthcare applications, investigation of the mechanisms of diseases and pathogens, etc. Also, CUHK is equipped with a wonderful campus with world-class libraries, sports fields and music halls, as well as professional gyms, water sports centre, standard swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts and more.