Master of Economics / Journalism / Architecture, Hong Kong

  • Master of Economics, Journalism & Architecture programs offered in Hong Kong by the CUHK Faculty of Social Science - GLOBALLY LEADING! Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong – Master of Economics, Master of Journalism and Master of Architecture in Hong Kong Campus

Among the divisions and streams in social sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong offers Master of Economics, Master of Journalism and Master of Architecture in its Hong Kong Campus. Other than Master of Economics, Journalism and Architecture, the University also allows student to explore the interest in major social sciences fields such as politics, sociology, social work, psychology and geography. In CUHK, students may be awarded a degree of Master of Philosophy, Master of Social Science, Master of Art or Master of Science.

Based on the social environment in the world and Hong Kong, Master of Economics in CUHK analyses and describes the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth, where two branches of economics are hence formed, which are the microeconomics and the macro. The syllabus of economics in Hong Kong’s secondary schools covers both of them. Master of Journalism in CUHK is referred to Master of Art in Journalism, which is a 1 year full time or 2 year part time master programme, for those who are willing to pursue a career in the field of journalism.

In CUHK, there is also Master of Architecture for Hong Kong and international students. The program is designed for those who have finished a pre-professional architecture degree in a recognised university in Hong Kong and have had relevant working experience in the field.