Master of Marketing & Master in Management, Hong Kong

  • Master of Marketing & Master in Management offered in Hong Kong by The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School - GLOBALLY LEADING! Scholarships may be available for qualified applicants.
Master of Marketing Management in Hong Kong – Top Quality Programmes in CUHK

In the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Master of Marketing and Master in Management are parts of the wide selection of streams under the Business Administration section of the University’s postgraduate programmes. Students who wish to participate in Master of Marketing or Master in Management in Hong Kong can expect to have an opportunity to work in a number of marketing management positions. After obtaining the master degree, graduates can go on to work as a marketing management specialist, retail manager, product or brand manager, marketing manager in a business to business position or market research analyst, as well as any other position which requires advanced knowledge in both marketing and management.

In CUHK, students will be introduced to popular marketing management methods and will be taught how to execute efficient and effective marketing strategies. By obtaining a Master of Marketing Management degree in Hong Kong, students will be taught how to exceed in a management position and quickly move up within their company. Besides, students with this master degree will be able to find a job in the field of marketing management much easier than others.

For those who are willing to adapt to the rapidly changing technologies, build customer retention and satisfaction, and facilitate communication between the customer and those who they work with on their marketing team, Master of Marketing Management in the Chinese University of Hong Kong is a perfect opportunity.