How to Register?

Congratulations on your admission to CUHK! After you have accepted the admission offer and settled the admission deposit, please follow the steps below to complete registration before commencing your study.

Registration Stage
Step 1:

Submit student visa application (for non-local students only)

  • Submit your student visa application within 3 weeks after the admission offer issue date. (Learn more
Step 2:

Submit online registration

  • Submit online registration here 3 working days (for local students)/14 working days (for non-local students) after settling the admission deposit. (Learn more)1
  • After completing online registration, you can check your registration status here
Step 3:

Submit Postgraduate Halls application, if applicable

  • Students taking full-time research programmes or full-time UGC-funded taught programmes may apply for a hostel place. Please check the application deadline from the Postgraduate Halls website and submit application to the Postgraduate Halls office accordingly.
Step 4:

Submit documents to fulfill Admission Condition(s), if any

  • Send the required documents by mail/by courier to the Graduate School by the condition(s) fulfilment deadline.2
  • Students admitted to the following programmes, please submit the required documents directly to the Faculty/Division office concerned.
    • EMBA
    • MBA
    • MSc in Finance
    • TPg programmes of the Faculty of Education
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Laws
  • If you cannot fulfil the admission condition(s) by the given deadline, your admission offer will become null and void.
Step 5:

Complete In-person Documents Verification (for non-local students only)

  • Visit the Graduate School in person before the term start/Admission Date for student registration. Details will be announced in late July/August.
Step 6:

Activate MyCUHK account

  • After completion of the online registration and fulfilment of all admission condition(s),
    • local students will receive their v‐code from ITSC by email and/or SMS (for Hong Kong mobile only) about 2 weeks before the admission date.
    • non-local students will receive their v-code from ITSC by email after completion of In-person Documents Verification.
  • Use the v-code to retrieve the CWEM password from the Student Computing Accounts Collection System for course enrolment and other services in MyCUHK.
Step 7:

Collect your CU Link (Student ID Card)

  • Collect your CU Link on or after your Admission Date. (Learn more
Step 8:

Perform course selection

  • The course selection exercise will be conducted in mid-August. Please enrol courses according to the study scheme and advice from your Division. Details will be announced in late July at the Graduate School Website


  1. If you do not complete the online registration, you will NOT be able to perform the course selection and collect your CU Link.
  2. Please do NOT send the documentary proof for fulfilling the admission condition(s) by email to any Graduate School email accounts, as it may delay the processing of your submission.