Cross-institutional Course/Subject Enrolment for Research Postgraduate Students

To enhance the opportunities for postgraduate students to have access to courses and expertise at sister universities in Hong Kong, the eight UGC-funded universities (CityU, CUHK, EdUHK, HKBU, HKU, HKUST, LU and PolyU) have entered into a collaboration scheme of sharing research postgraduate courses of participating universities. Interested students please read the following information carefully and submit applications for course enrolment according to the procedures and deadlines specified by each of the participating universities.


Postgraduate students of research programmes from CityU, EdUHK, HKBU, HKU, HKUST, LU and PolyU who want to enrol in CUHK courses
The first teaching term (2019-20) of CUHK will start on 2 September 2019 and end on 30 November 2019. Please note the following information:


Select CUHK course(s) from the List of Courses offered by CUHK (2019-20, 1st term). Check the teaching timetable for details of date/time/venue. Please note that the date/time/venue may change. If your application is accepted, please check the timetable again before classes commence.

2. Download and complete Sections I, II and III of the Application Form for Cross-institutional Course/Subject Enrolment for Research Postgraduate Students and submit it to the responsible office of your home institution by the deadline announced by the office. It should reach the Graduate School of CUHK via your home institution by 16 August 2019. Normally, late applications will not be accepted.

You will be informed of the application result by 30 August 2019 by e-mail the latest. It is not necessary for you to inquire the application result before 23 August 2019.

4. You are only allowed to add/drop any subjects within the first two weeks of commencement of each term, i.e. 2-16 September 2019 for 2019-20, 1st term.
5. An official letter will be issued to students for identification purposes during class and examination but no student card will be issued. You are requested to use your JULAC library card to access our libraries.



CUHK postgraduate students of research programmes who want to enrol in courses offered by other participating universities 


Application procedures: 

1. Visit websites of the universities concerned for detailed information:
  Institutions Information available from Application deadline 
  City University of Hong Kong 2 August 2019
23 August 2019
  Hong Kong Baptist University 26 July 2019
26 August 2019
  The Education University of Hong Kong 16 August 2019
30 August 2019
  The University of Hong Kong 19 July 2019
20 August 2019
  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 2 August 2019
26 August 2019
  Lingnan University 26 July 2019 26 August 2019*
  *The application deadlines for taught postgraduate Accounting and Cultural Studies courses are 2 August 2019 and 15 August 2019 respectively.
  The Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2 August 2019
19 August 2019

Download and complete Sections I, II, and III of the Application Form for Cross-institutional Course/Subject Enrolment for Research Postgraduate Students

3. Download the Approval Form for Cross-institutional Course Enrolment (one form for one university you wish to attend) and complete Sections A and B
4. Obtain approval from your Supervisor and Division Head (Section C)
5. Submit the application form AND the approval form to the Graduate School (7th Floor, Yasumoto International Academic Park) at least ONE working day before the deadline set by the university you wish to attend as specified above. Late applications will not be accepted
6. The host university will inform you of the application results


Course and unit exemptions:

After completion of the course(s), you will receive an academic report for the course(s) from the university attended. If you wish to apply for course and unit exemption based on the course(s) completed, please pay the prescribed application fee and submit the application form for course and unit exemption together with relevant documents to your Division Head for endorsement, and then to the Graduate School for approval.