Request Official Documents

Application for Transcript, Certifying Letter and Report on Curriculum Details


Notes for Applicants


  1. Types of Official Documents

    i. Transcript:
      a. It is an official proof of a student/graduate’s academic achievements.
      b. It is a formal document listing the full record of the academic activities and achievements of the student/graduate during his/her period of study at the University.
      c. Official copy: shall not be issued to a student or any private individual; sent directly to the institution or prospective employer.
      d. Student copy: issued to students directly.
    ii. Certifying letter:
      a. It is a letter to certify a student’s current status in the University with details of date of admission, programme of study, expected date of graduation, etc.
      b. For graduates, the Letter of Certification also states the conferred degree and the date of conferment.
    iii. Report on Curriculum Details
      a. It sets out the study scheme and course descriptions of a student/graduate’s Programme.
      b. It is usually requested by bodies of accreditation or institutions which need to verify the level of academic attainments of the student/graduate.
  2. Application Methods

    Applicants may apply for the documents by submitting applications online via


    If a certified true copy of the certificate is needed, the applicant should bring the original copy of the graduate certificate to the Graduate School in person for our handling of the application. Students/graduates should submit a hardcopy application in person at the Graduate School.

  3. Fee Schedule

    *Current scheme for the period until 31 July 2022

    Fees per single copy including postage of local or ordinary air mail is:
    Transcript HK$40 per copy
    Certifying Letter HK$40 per copy
    Report on Curriculum Details HK$120 (First copy per application)
      HK$30 (Subsequent copy in the same application)

    New fees with effect from 1 August 2022

    Fees per single copy including postage of local or ordinary air mail is:
    Transcript HK$50 per copy
    Certifying Letter HK$50 per copy
    Report on Curriculum Details HK$150 (First copy per application)
      HK$50 (Subsequent copy in the same application)

    For dispatch of hard copy official documents, especially for locations outside Hong Kong, you are recommended to choose “Send by Registered Mail”. By doing so, you will be given a tracking number for the document(s).  An additional charges for sending documents by Registered Mail as follows:
    Registered Mail HK$15.50
    The application fee, once paid, is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  4. Payment Methods:

    For online application:
    i. Credit card (issued by Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay)
    ii. Faster Payment System (FPS) 
    iii. WeChat Pay / AliPay / UnionPay / BocPay
    For hardcopy application (applicable to certification of degree certificate only):
    i. Payment by ATM Service
    This service is only applicable to students admitted in 1986 and thereafter. 
    ATM cardholder of HSBC, Hang Seng Bank or JETCO member banks may pay at these banks' ATM machines.  Please select  the CUHK and choose bill type "02"; input (a) ten digits of the CUSIS ID (for graduates in year 2010-11 or after) or (b) first seven digits of the student ID (for graduates in year 2009-10 or before) for the bill account number.
    ii. Payment by Cheque/Bank Draft 
    Applicants may send a cheque or bank draft made payable to "The Chinese University of Hong Kong" to the Graduate School.
    iii. Payment by EPS
    Applicants can make payment by EPS at the Graduate School when submitting the application form. (The location and opening hours of the Graduate School Office can be found at
  5. Your application will be processed upon receipt of the completed application form AND payment. The normal processing time and fee schedule are as follows. Time needed for delivery of the document is not included. Please refer to Hongkong Post website for their expected duration of mail delivery:

    Transcript 5 working days (normally) 
      10 working days (application for Chinese transcripts from graduates of 2010 or before)
    Certifying Letter 5 working days (normally)
      5 working days upon Senate’s approval of the graduation status (for new graduates of the year applying for degree verification)*

    5 working days upon receipt of Graduate Division’s confirmation of student's graduation status (for IANG Visa application)

    Report on Curriculum Details 15 working days

    Payment must be settled within one month from the date of application. Failing this, the concerned applications will be regarded as invalid and will be cleared from the application system and application records.


    * Certifying letter for degree verification purposes for the graduating class will only be available after Senate’s approval of the graduation status of the concerned student is obtained, which will take approximately two months counting from the date the concerned student has completed all graduation requirements (i.e. after the release of grades for courses taken). Please refer to for information about the workflow of graduation assessment.  


  6. Despatch Methods and Notes:

    i. Collect in person:
      a. Applicants may collect the document at the Graduate School during its office hours.
      b. Uncollected documents will be destroyed six months from the date of application without further notice.
    ii. Collect by authorised person:
      a. If another person is authorised to collect transcript(s)/other document(s) on behalf of the applicant, the authorised person should bring along the authorisation form stating the HKID Card/passport number of the authorised person. The photocopy of applicant's HKID Card/passport and the authorised person's HKID Card/passport will also be required for verification. The identification documents will be returned after inspection.
      b. Uncollected documents will be destroyed six months from the date of application without further notice.
      c. Authorisation form:
    iii. Mail or registered mail:

    The document is to be sent directly by local or ordinary air mail or registered mail according to the mailing address provided by the applicants. Please indicate clearly the name of the recipient, the mailing address and the purpose of the application in the application form/Online Application System.

      a. If a tracking number is required, please choose registered mail. For non-local address, it is advised that you choose registered mail in case the document is lost during delivery.
      b. No tracking number is available for the option “send by mail”.
      c. If the document is to be delivered to Mainland China and Taiwan, please enter the address in Chinese.
      d. If you wish to show your contact number on the envelope, please enter the contact number near the address.
      e. Applicants may enquire information regarding the mailing services of the Hongkong Post at, or EMS at for letters sent to Mainland China.
    iv. Email:
      a. Applicants may request the documents be sent by email. Please choose “Send by email” and state in the remarks section that an electronic copy of the document is needed.
      b. Please enter the email address for receiving the document in the addressee section.
      c. If you have requested to receive an electronic copy of the document, its hard copy will not be sent out
    v. Courier service: 
      a. Applicants will have to directly contact the courier and settle the payment with the couriers.
      b. For this dispatch method, please choose “Send by mail”. Please state in the remarks section that courier service will be arranged by the applicant.
  7. The Graduate School will send electronic copy in lieu of the hard copy directly to World Education Services (WES) through their online channel. Please choose “Send by email” and enter the email address for receiving the document in the addressee section for our processing.

  8. The Graduate School accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of the documents during postal delivery. Applicants should submit a new application after the previous application has been completed. Application fee as a result of this cannot be waived under any circumstance.

  9. Students of the following programmes should enquiry at/submit applications to the respective office as follows:
    IASP Programme Office of Academic Links

    Postgraduate Diploma in Education /

    Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Education

    Faculty of Education
    Bachelor’s Degree Programme Registration and Examinations Section
  10. Personal Information Collection Statement:

    i. The personal data provided in the application form will be used by the Graduate School for the purpose of processing the application only. All information provided, when no longer required, will be destroyed.
    ii. For correction of or access to the personal data after submission of the application form, please contact the Graduate School by filling out an online enquiry form.
    iii. Information provided on the application form may be transferred to other departments/administrative units within CUHK for consideration and granting approval, where applicable.
  11. Application Forms

     Transcript  Submit through Internet
     Certifying Letter  Submit through Internet
     Report on Curriculum Details  Submit through Internet 
  12. For enquiries, please contact the Graduate School.