Course Selection and Add/Drop

Most of the programmes require students to select courses for the whole academic year on CUSIS (Chinese University Student Information System) in mid-August each year. Students may also add/drop courses for each term during the add/drop period of respective programmes, normally in the first 2 weeks of each academic term.


Current students who are required by your programme to select courses on CUSIS should login to MyCUHK Portal.


Announcements on course selection are posted on Graduate School website and sent via @Link Student Email System. Please check your @Link mailbox regularly or arrange to forward the emails (FAQs - General) to your personal email account.

Newly-admitted Students

For newly-admitted students who have paid tuition fee and completed online registration, you may use the "Online Registration Login ID" and "Online Registration Password" to login here to select courses during Course Registration Period.


Newly-admitted students who are provisionally registered (i.e. with outstanding admission conditions) can only select courses but NOT add/drop courses via CUSIS unless they have fulfilled all the condition(s) prescribed in the admission notification. For details, please refer to the "Preparing for the new academic year" section. 

Course selection/pre-assigned courses

Some programmes may pre-assign courses for their students while some may not allow students to drop the pre-assigned courses on CUSIS. If you need to drop the pre-assigned courses but cannot do so on CUSIS, please complete Form CS-1 and return it to the Graduate Division/Programme for further processing. 

Tentative/Final Course Register

Your course registration during the course selection and the add/drop periods is NOT YET finalized until Graduate Division’s approval which normally takes about 10 working days. After all the course registrations have been confirmed, announcements on tentative/final course registers will be posted on Graduate School website and sent via @Link Student Email System. The student enrollment records in courses with waitlists will be removed after each course selection exercise, i.e., after the course registration and add/drop period.