Replacement of Graduate Certificates

Notes for Applicants


The graduate certificate of the University is a unique document.  No duplicate copy will be issued.  However, a graduate may apply for a replacement certificate in case of loss or damage to an original certificate.  Application for replacement due to change of name of the graduate (after graduation) will not be accepted.

  1. A graduate shall only be in possession of ONE valid copy, including the replacement copy of the certificate for each degree and/or diploma at any given time.  In other words, if a certificate, previously reported lost, was subsequently found, the graduate concerned is required to return the extra copy to the Graduate School Office (GSO).

  2. A replacement certificate shall, in general, follow the current format of the graduate certificate1, with an additional statement “This certificate is reissued on (DD/MM/YYYY) [in Chinese:本證書於YYYYMMDD日補發]”. The replacement shall bear the signatures of the current University officers.

  3. Replacement certificates are to be issued each year at the time of the Congregation. Application submitted after 1 November each year will only be issued after the next Congregation that will normally be held in November/December in the subsequent year.

  4. Graduates may apply for a replacement certificate by submitting an application online. The required supporting documents are:

    (a) A copy of the HKID card^ / passport*;

    if the original certificate is damaged, please return it to GSO for record;

    (c) if the original certificate is lost, please provide the original copy of the relevant documentary evidence, e.g., police report / notarized statement.
    ^ The HKID card number should be the same as the registration record at the University.

    * If the graduate has lost / does not have a HKID card, please provide a copy of the passport. The name and date of birth printed thereon should be the same as the registration record at the University.

  1. A graduate may collect the replacement certificate(s) in person or authorize another person to act on your behalf. Another option will be requesting the University to send the replacement certificate(s) by Speedpost.

  2. The replacement fee is HK$800 for each replacement certificate. It can be settled by credit card by using the aforesaid application system. The replacement fee, once paid, is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  3. Enquiries

    All Postgraduate Programmes except PGDE

    Graduate School Office


    Tel: 3943 8976


    7/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Shatin, N.T.

    Hong Kong SAR

    Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programme (PGDE) 

    Faculty of Education


    Tel: 3943 6964 / 3943 6721


    G1, Ho Tim Building

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Shatin, N.T.

    Hong Kong SAR


  1. If only the degree / diploma name (but not the programme name) was shown on the original certificate, the replacement certificate, if issued, shall also bear the degree / diploma name only.


March 2021