Course Selection and Add/Drop

Course Code are made up of 2 components, i.e. Subject Area Code and Catalog Number. For example, for course MATH5001, “MATH” is “Subject Area Code” and “5001” is “Catalog Number”.



Class Section

Class Section refers to the class opened under a specific course. For example, there can be two sections of classes, A & B, opened under the course HIST5010. These class sections can be scheduled in different time slots and taught by different instructors. Students are not allowed to take more than 1 class section of the same course in the same term.



Class Number is a number assigned by the system to indicate a specific class opened in a term. It is NOT equivalent to Catalog Number. For example, RELS5001A and RELS5001B, both offered in 2011-12 Term 1 may have class numbers “1234” and “5432” respectively.



Shopping Cart

The procedures of course selection in CUSIS is similar to online shopping. You may browse through classes offered and add those you want to take into your Shopping Cart. You have to “check-out” to complete course enrollment.



My Requirements

You should choose courses within your Study Scheme, except with the approval of your Programme. In CUSIS, you can find the courses within your Study Scheme listed under “My Requirements”. If you wish to choose courses outside your Study Scheme, you should complete Form CS-1 (Appendix A) and submit to Graduate Divisions/Programmes concerned for approval.



Enrolment Appointments refer to timeslots which you are allowed to submit your shopping cart and complete course enrollment via CUSIS.


How to check my enrollment appointment? (Answer)



Mock Course Registration Period (also named as Enrolment Validation Period)

During the Mock Course Registration Period, you may validate courses in your shopping cart to check time clashes, fulfillment of requisites, and term study load etc.



Enrolment Requirement

Enrolment requirement refers to the selection criteria for a class/course. The system will check if you have fulfilled all enrolment requirements when you submit the shopping cart for validation or course enrolment.