Prospective Students
Preparation for New Academic Year

Preparation for New Academic Year (2020-21)


[Note: Please refer to the Postgraduate Student Orientation 2020 website at maintained by the Office of Student Affairs of the University for various orientation videos and useful information.]


In preparation for the new academic year 2020-21, please note the following:




1. Course Selection and Add/Drop

    2. Access to University Information and Various Systems
      2.1 Information on Web/Via Email
      2.2 Student ID Card (CU Link Card)
      2.3 MyCUHK and CUSIS
      2.4 Graduate School Platform (Students)
    3. Academic
Term Dates of the Academic Year 2020-21
General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies
      3.3 Code of Practice and Graduate Attributes
      3.4 Postgraduate Student Handbook 2020-21
      3.5 Academic Honesty
    4. Fees 
    5. Other University Policies 
      5.1 Personal Data Policy of the University
      5.2 Students with Outstanding Debts
      5.3 Health Policy of the University
    6. Useful Links and Contact Information 
The Graduate School
Other University Units






Course selection (for the whole year) for most of the postgraduate students will be held from 10:00 a.m. on 18 August 2020 to 5:30 p.m. on 21 August 2020. Students should refer to the Online Guide on Course Selection for PG Students for details in July 2020.


According to the General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies‘a student shall take at least one course in each term, unless otherwise stated in the study scheme or approved by the Head of the Graduate Division concerned’. Current research postgraduate (RPg) students who have already submitted their theses do not need to select any course.


New students who have not yet completed their online registration are NOT eligible to select courses. They should complete online registration as soon as possible and select courses during the add/drop period. For details, please refer to “How to Register” on the Graduate School Admission website for reference.


Students who commence studies after the course registration period or who have missed the course registration period should select courses during the add/drop period. Students arriving after the add/drop period should consult their Graduate Divisions on the arrangement of course registration.









Information on Web/Via Email



You are advised to check your @Link mailbox (i.e., CU student email) and check out the Graduate School website regularly in order not to miss any important information, e.g., course selection, electronic student fee debit notes, announcements and reminders about various study-related matters, etc. Your contact information including email and postal addresses on CUSIS should be kept up-to-date.

If you have any enquiries related to your CUHK computer account, please contact the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) by telephone at 3943-8845 or via ITSC Service Desk.


Students need a OnePass (CWEM) password to access various services through the University portal “MyCUHK”. New students who have completed online registration and fulfilled all admission condition(s) will receive a verification code (v-code) from ITSC by email and/or SMS (for Hong Kong mobile only) about two weeks before the admission date. You need the v-code to retrieve the OnePass (CWEM) password from Student Computing Accounts Collection System. Students who are currently studying for another programme at CUHK and the OnePass (CWEM) password has not yet expired may continue to use the existing password.







Student ID Card (CU Link)




New Students: 
If you have completed the online registration and fulfilled all admission condition(s), you may collect your CU Link Card, on or after your admission date. Non-local students need to submit a copy of the entry permit and landing slip to the Graduate School Office before collecting the CU Link Card (Learn more). Please contact CU Link Card Centre 3 working days after the submission of your entry permit and landing slip to see if your CU Link is ready and check the arrangement for collection.







Batch Collection for CU Link Card




The following Programmes will collect the CU Link Card for their students. Please contact the Programme Office for enquiries:







Contact Information


Executive MBA

Tel: 3943 1784; Email:


Tel: 3943 4722; Email:


EMBA Chinese

Tel: 3943 1835; Email:


Executive Master of Professional Accountancy

Tel: 3943 3944; Email:


MBA in Finance (Beijing and Shenzhen classes)

Tel: 3943 9755; Email:





Current Students: 
If your student ID card expires by 31 July 2020 but you will continue to study in the 2020-21 academic year, please complete and submit the “Application Form for Change of Expected Graduation Date” to your Graduate Division. The application form is downloadable on the Graduate School Platform (Students). Upon receipt of the approval from the Graduate School, you may renew your CU Link card at the CU Link Card Centre.










You can access different information related to the University and your studies through the University portal “MyCUHK” via the University and the Graduate School websites. You can also update your contact information, perform course selection, view academic results and other study-related matters via “CUSIS”. Computer-based training materials are available to facilitate students in learning how to use the system. You can either refer to “Computer-based Training”or CUSIS User Guides & FAQs.







Graduate School Platform (Students)




GS Platform (Students) is an important platform on which you can find Postgraduate Rules and Regulations, Guidelines and Procedures, Student Handbook, and various application forms related to your studies at CUHK. Students may also check their academic results and thesis/portfolio assessment progress (for RPgs) on the GS Platform (Students). Login can be done using your OnePass (CWEM) password via the Graduate School website and MyCUHK Portal.







Term Dates of the Academic Year 2020-21




The first teaching term of most programmes will begin on 7 September 2020. Students can check the term dates of their programmes at in due course. The Teaching Timetable will also be ready around early August. Students may check with their Graduate Division/Programme directly on the detailed class schedule, if necessary.







General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies




The General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies, applicable to all postgraduate students, has been posted on the Graduate School website. All students should read the Regulations carefully and in detail.







Code of Practice and Graduate Attributes




The Code of Practice is a comprehensive document that outlines policies and procedures regarding postgraduate studies. Please visit the Graduate School website at (for RPg students) and (for TPg students) for details.


The University has also compiled the “Graduate Attributes” for postgraduate studies. You are advised to take a look for better understanding about postgraduate education at CUHK.







Postgraduate Student Handbook 2020-21




The Postgraduate Student Handbook 2020-21 will be posted on the Graduate School website around late July. Please read the Handbook carefully and study especially those parts related to your studies, such as the study scheme and the various rules and regulations. You may also access your Study Scheme and Course Catalogue via MyCUHK (CUSIS→ Manage Classes→ Browse Course Catalogue).







Academic Honesty




The University places very high importance on honesty in academic work, and adopts a policy of zero tolerance on academic dishonesty. A website on Honesty in Academic Work: A Guide for Students and Teachers has been set up to provide guidelines and share cases of academic honesty. Students should make themselves familiar with this and pay heed at all times








Apart from the tuition/continuation fees, there are other applicable fees such as retention fee (for students applying for leave of absence), and thesis examination fee, etc. Students may check out the information under the Fees section on the Graduate School website.









Personal Data Policy of the University




Data collected in connection with your postgraduate studies at CUHK will be held/transferred to relevant departments/administrative units within the University as management information to facilitate verification, communication, operations and planning. Upon graduation, students’ personal data will be converted to alumni data for further communication and other purposes, where applicable. For details of the policy, please refer to the University website.


For correction of or access to personal data held by the University during your studies at the University, please contact the Graduate School by email.







Students with Outstanding Debts




The University will withhold graduate certificates from students with outstanding debts to the University, which include but not limited to unreturned library materials on loan or overdue fines, hostel fees, overdue fines for payment in arrears, etc. Please be reminded to observe and comply with the Regulations.







Health Policy of the University




The University has set up the Committee on Health Promotion and Protection to coordinate the efforts and monitor the progress of work and evaluate the effective implementation of policies, strategies and action plans in regard to the areas of hygiene, prevention of disease on campus and promotion of health in general. Please visit the Committee website regularly. In view of the pandemic, students from outside Hong Kong are required to take precautionary measures prior to their arrival and undergo a quarantine period in accordance with the prevailing  regulations stipulated by the Government of the HKSAR.









The Graduate School




Graduate School website (

Graduate School Admissions website (

Graduate School Platform (Students) (







Other University Units




Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (Please choose Financing Your Studies)





Scholarships and Financial Assistance for postgraduate students:










Office of Student Affairs





Compass for Incoming Students (

Career Planning and Development Centre (

Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section (

Student Development and Resources Section (

Wellness and Counselling Centre (










The CUHK Library





Get Started:










Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research (CLEAR)

Improving Postgraduate Learning Modules to enhance postgraduate





(Information for 2020-21 academic year will be ready in August 2020)










The Postgraduate Student Association (CUPSA)





CUPSA website (






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