HK PhD Fellowship Scheme
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Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
HKPFS aims at attracting the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD programmes in Hong Kong’s universities.  The Fellowship provides an annual stipend and a conference and research-related travel allowance for each awardee.  On top, CUHK also provides the CUHK Vice-Chancellor HKPFS Scholarship for each awardee.
Postgraduate Studentships/Scholarships
A number of scholarships and funding schemes are available to support full-time MPhil and PhD students to conduct overseas academic activities such as presenting papers at international conferences, conducting field trips and engaging in data collection projects.
Campus Support
CUHK offers a wide range of campus support for students, including library facilities, IT services, learning enhancement and research, accommodation, and other student support services.
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This ensures breadth of knowledge along with hands-on experience in designing experiments, analysing data and presenting findings at conferences and publishing them in journals.
The Faculty of Education has provided me with a welcoming and supportive environment where I can pursue my genuine passion for academic research, communicate and collaborate with leading scholars in my field and build friendships with talented peers from diverse backgrounds.
With the substantial financial support provided by HKPFS, I can pursue my research interests in 3D shape analysis and generation. The scheme enables me to participate in international conferences where I can share my research findings with the international research community.
My PhD supervisors have empowered me to become a passionate and impactful academic with a commitment to improving health through innovations.
I have access to a wide variety of available resources, as well as gaining much knowledge from my supervisor and the professors in the School of Life Sciences.
With the space offered here, I am always delighted to explore tremendous possibilities. I also gain courage to break rules that seem impossible to break. Without such autonomy, I probably wouldn’t be a co-founder of a social enterprise and a clinical psychologist walking an unconventional path. This is a place where I cultivate love, kindness, compassion and wisdom, which to me are all fundamental for a researcher, a professional and a human being.
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