In-Person Documents Verification (for Non-local Students)

Non-local research postgraduate (RPg) or taught postgraduate (TPg) students have to visit the Graduate School to complete registration according to the following schedule:

Admission Date indicated on the Admission Notification Designated In-person Document Verification Period

August 2019 
(for RPg students only)

30 July 2019 (Tue) to 2 August 2019 (Fri)

September 2019 
(for both RPg and TPg students )

19 August 2019 (Mon) to 2 September 2019 (Mon),
except Saturday and Sunday


In-person Document Verification Procedure
Before Coming to HK
Step 1:

Make appointment for your first visit to the Graduate School

Reserve one timeslot at the Time Appointment System according to the following schedule:

  • RPg students with Admission Date in August 2019: 
    15 July 2019 (Mon), 9:00am to 22 July 2019 (Mon), 5:00pm
  • RPg and TPg students with Admission Date in September 2019: 
    5 August 2019 (Mon), 9:00am to 12 August 2019 (Mon), 5:00pm
Step 2:

Send documents to fulfill Admission Condition(s), if any

  • You have to send the required documents (except visa label) to the Graduate School for checking by the stated deadline.
  • For details, please refer to Step 4 at How to Register?
After arriving in HK
Step 3:

Apply Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Card

Visit the Graduate School
Step 4:

Visit the Graduate School according to your reserved timeslot

Please bring along the documents listed below and visit the Graduate School during your reserved timeslot.

If you do not show up during your reserved timeslot, the waiting time will be much longer.

If you are Postgraduate Halls resident, please check-in at the Postgraduate Halls before your visit to the Graduate School.

After visiting the Graduate School
Step 5:

Collect CU Link Card

Collect the CU Link Card at the CU Link Card Centre (Room 804, 8/F, Wu Ho Man Yuen Building) on the date mentioned on the Collection Slip of your Student ID Card.

Step 6:

Submit Collection Slip of Copy of HKID Card

Submit the Collection Slip of Copy of HKID Card to the Graduate School by 30 September 2019 (if required).

Other Relevant Information
List of documents for In-person Documents Verification
List of documents for In-person Documents Verification

Please bring the following documents when you first visit the Graduate School:

  1. Print-out of the Admission Notification;
  2. Originals of degree/professional certificates (Students from the Chinese mainland should present both, the degree certificate and the graduation certificate);
  3. Identity document or travel document (e.g. Entry Permit, Passport) (The document should be identical to the document stated in your application for verification purpose. The name stated therein must also be identical with that on the academic credentials. Any changes must be notarized);
  4. Valid entry visa (A student visa in which ‘The Chinese University of Hong Kong’ should be stated as the institution where the approved course is offered. Other valid visas for studying in Hong Kong can be a work permit for taking up full-time employment in Hong Kong, or a dependent visa, etc.);
  5. “Landing slip” (Sample) issued by the Immigration Department when entering Hong Kong;
  6. Hong Kong Identity Card/Acknowledgement of Application for a Hong Kong Identity Card (if any);
  7. Required documents to fulfil the admission condition(s) as stipulated in the Admission Notification (if any) (Without these documents, students will NOT be allowed to commence study.); and
  8. Confirmation email on registration appointment
Transportation to Postgraduate Halls (for RPg students)
Transportation to Postgraduate Halls (for RPg students)

You are advised to check-in at the Postgraduate Halls before visiting the Graduate School for In-person Documents Verification. Please take Shuttle Bus Route No. 4 or Shuttle Light Bus to the Postgraduate Halls. (Learn more)

Arrangements for adverse weather conditions
Arrangements for adverse weather conditions

If the local storm warning signal No. 8 or above or the black rainstorm signal is hoisted, our office will be closed. Special arrangements will be announced at our website on the next working day after the storm warning signal No. 8 or black rainstorm signal is lowered.