Postgraduate Student Life @ CUHK
Prof. Jason Junjie HUANG
from China
PhD Graduate in Public Health

Research Assistant Professor,
JC School of Public Health and Primary Care,

Unveiling New Frontiers: One Person’s Inspiring Mission to Cure Cancer

In the ever-evolving landscape of medical breakthroughs, few fields hold as much promise and urgency as cancer research. Within this dynamic realm, Professor Jason Junjie Huang has emerged as a remarkable figure – a beacon of hope and innovation in the realm of cancer epidemiology and he credits his successes to The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Having graduated with a PhD in Public Health from CUHK, he is currently Research Assistant Professor at the JC School of Public Health and Primary Care as well as Deputy Director for the Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion (CHEHP) at CUHK. Not only has he contributed to important medical research within CUHK, his work is also applauded within the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), a consortium of 61 world-renowned universities. Driven by an unwavering dedication and armed with an impressive track record of accomplishments, he strives to leave an inedible mark on the field of cancer research.

“My inspiration for studying cancer epidemiology and prevention stems from the desire to make a significant impact on public health,” he explained. “Cancer is a global health challenge, and through research, we can identify preventive measures and interventions that can save lives. Through rigorous scientific investigation and evidence-based strategies, we can mitigate the burden of cancer and contribute to a healthier global population.”

The Power of Collaboration: CUHK’s Crucial Role

With such a noble goal, Professor Huang acknowledges the significance of partnering with the best and cherishes the pivotal role that CUHK has played in his academic and career journeys.

“CUHK's emphasis on interdisciplinary research and its comprehensive courses align perfectly with my research interests in non-communicable diseases, big data analysis, and cancer epidemiology,” he said.  “The opportunity to collaborate with renowned international and national institutions solidified my decision to choose CUHK for my academic pursuits.”

Indeed, Professor Huang’s research today focuses on understanding the geographical distribution of cancer incidence and mortality, as well as the environmental, lifestyle and metabolic risk factors that contribute to cancer.  With the support of the University, he also investigates temporal trends in cancer using registry data and explores ways to predict and project cancer burden.

“Recently, I’ve been looking into how to use big data and digital medicine to improve the survival of cancer patients,” he explained.

Achieving Global Recognition and Empowering Research

Professor Huang has never looked back with regret.  CUHK’s exceptional research environment and collaboration with esteemed institutions worldwide have enabled his team’s work to achieve global recognition and dissemination of information.

“In essence, CUHK’s unwavering support was instrumental in the success and visibility of our collaborative research efforts,” he said.

Moreover, thanks to CUHK’s support, Professor Huang and his team have garnered numerous accolades worldwide. Recently, they received the prestigious 2023 APEC Healthy Women, Healthy Economies Research Prize in the US for their ground-breaking investigation into the global burden and causes of endometrial cancer, one of the most common cancers affecting women. 

Professor Huang believes that CUHK’s commitment to research excellence has far-reaching implications. Apart from fostering a culture of innovation that propels individual careers, it also empowers aspiring researchers to make significant contributions to the world we live in.

“CUHK’s commitment to research excellence and fostering a culture of innovation has not only propelled my career, but also has the potential to empower others,” he said. “Through CUHK’s platform, aspiring researchers can embark on a transformative journey making significant contributions to their respective fields on a global scale.”

Embracing the Journey: Advice for Prospective Students

For those considering an academic career at CUHK, Professor Huang has a few words of advice.

“Make the most of your experience there!” he said. “Actively engage in research and take advantage of CUHK’s global collaborations.”

Before submitting an application, he says that prospective students should consider their research interests and align them with the university’s strengths. He also highlights the fact that CUHK not only provides the academic rigor for research, but also has the right resources, mentorship and all the diverse opportunities that are needed for personal and professional growth.

Reflecting on his time as a student there, he has many fond moments. But the one he cherishes the most was having his research efforts recognised through important accolades such as being appointed the recipient of the Research Grant Council Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme and the Yu To Sang and Yu Shing Keung Memorial Fund awards.

“These recognitions not only validated my research efforts, but also highlighted the University’s commitment to nurturing research excellence”.