Postgraduate Student Life @ CUHK
Dr. Anna HSU
from Taiwan
PhD Graduate in in Management
HKPFS Awardee

Assistant Professor, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Transforming into an impactful scholar with global vision

Looking for more opportunities to grow and for more challenges to enrich my life, I made the biggest decision in 2018—jumping out of my comfort zone as a civil servant in Taiwan to become a PhD student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I chose Hong Kong as a destination for graduate studies because of the dynamics, resilience and diversity in this city. Importantly, the doctoral programme in management at CUHK Business School topped other programmes in my mind because of the high-quality education and good employment opportunities after the completion of the PhD programme.



Being awarded the HKPFS has been a really big achievement and blessing for me because HKPFS provided not only financial support throughout the four years but also an impeccable environment for PhD students to build international networks and close relationships with world-class leading experts. The rigorous academic training received from CUHK's extraordinary faculty equipped me with high-quality research ability to engage in the academic network worldwide. I had been involved in several research projects to strengthen my research capabilities in terms of theories, critical thoughts, and empirical research design since the first year. Supported by HKPFS, I travelled across Bali, Copenhagen, and Leeds in 2019 and presented several working papers at international conferences. Thanks to these opportunities, I had fruitful dialogues with reputable scholars, learned numerous valuable insights from them and developed my research identity as a junior scholar.



Under the guidance of Prof. Kevin Au, I had grown and flourished as an academic with ceaseless curiosity. Particularly, he taught me the importance of being an impactful and responsible researcher who shall seek to contribute to academia and society by creating both scientific and practical values in our research. The journey in Hong Kong and CUHK broadened my horizon, changed my view of seeing the world and paved the way to the realization of my dream.